Dr Inês Hipólito is a faculty member at Macquarie University, where she serves as a Lecturer (Assist. Professor) of Philosophy of AI and a research at the Ethics and Agency Research Center.

Dr. Hipólito serves as a Co-Principal Investigator for the project "Designing Urban Density: Neurourbanism as a Novel Approach in Global Health" under the Berlin University Alliance. Furthermore, she holds the position of Ethicist of AI at Verses, a pioneering cognitive computing company specializing in next-generation AI, with Karl Friston serving as Chief Research bridging the gap between academia and industry, contributing to ethical considerations embedded within cutting-edge AI advancements.

Dr. Hipólito fosters intellectual growth and inclusivity through her involvement in various organisations. She is the co-founder and vice-president of the International Society of the Philosophy of the Sciences of the Mind, contributing to the advancement of philosophical inquiry in this interdisciplinary field. Furthermore, she hosts the thought-provoking podcast "The PhilospHER's Way," which serves as a catalyst for intellectual transformation, challenging conventional philosophical paradigms.

Dr. Hipólito previously served as an elected member of two committees at the Australasian Association of Philosophy. She contributed to the Women in Philosophy Committee and the Committee in Diversity and Inclusivity from 2017 to 2020.

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Taking cognition as enactively situated, Dr. Hipólito investigates the spectrum of cognition, from basic neurobiological processes to semantically sophisticated activities.

Dr. Hipólito's work specifically focuses on understanding how AI shapes and is shaped by human sociocultural cognitive activities.

By applying complex systems theory and active inference modelling tools, her contributions aim to shed light on the intricate interplay between human cognition and the ever-evolving landscape of AI development.

Specifically how artificial intelligence-permeated environments shape and are shaped by human cultural practices and how they, in turn, affect cognitive development, mental health, and wellbeing.

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